Letter of the Day: A (lice in Wonderland)

Just some background, a group of classmates and I are doing this letter by letter project where we write a short letter based on a letter of the alphabet. Anything, basically.

To start off my alphabet, I picked my all time favourite book/movie Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (AAIW)


Ok, I’m sure some of you are getting tired of hearing about AAIW from me (I’m aware I talk about it WAY too much) but i felt since it’s the start of everything, It’s gotta be something personal. Of the other posts from classmates I’ve read on the letter A, most of them are so…..emotional and deep. I….I’m just gonna keep mine simple for now o u o)

I was so affected by AAIW that it influences my choices, the way my imagination works, the things I draw and write.

What i love most about it is how nonsensical and whimsy it is. It’s a story full of ridiculous creatures and roundabout dialogue. Of talking flowers, mome raths and a three-spouted teapot. Half of the time I didn’t understand what I was reading and I loved that.

The obsession has gotten to a point where I find myself memorising poems, quotes, descriptions, even when they are total nonsense.


Some parts of AAIW are so dark and twisted, an endless reservoir of inspiration.

The amount of works inspired by AAIW and Through the Looking Glass (TTLG) are an endless list that will continue to grow, I’m sure.

But for now, everytime i reread AAIW or TTLG i find new ideas popping up in my mind.

Rereading has never been so entertaining.



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